Today my friends and I, we went to Steamroller printing street fair. This fair was kinda cozy, but really fun. We learned the technique of foam scratch, which is so simple and easy. This wonderful large-scale artwork was printed as the steamroller rumbles up the road.


Working at school in daytime, staying home at night.


This time I had the hand drip house coffee. I wanted to know how the coffee is really taste, so I didn't put any sugar or milk. Hmmm... I couldn't tell the different. I guess I have to try it more and more, til one day I'll know how is the different between the coffee that drip by hand and drip by the automatic drip coffee maker.


They kid you not.


" Cute as Hell", a really cool name for soap in the super cute package.
Sell@ARCH, SF.


Color my life.


On the way back from riding around Foster City.


Yesterday I went to play baseball with my Taiwanese friends at Treasure Island.
It was my first time playing baseball, I had so much fun though.
The view at the Treasure Island is very interesting. It used to be Naval Base.


The past Sunday my friends and I, we had so much fun at Waterworld California.