On the way back from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
Sorry to killing you, bugs.
Rest in peace....
( shoot by Zebracan )


On the way to Gordon Biersch.
The weather today in the afternoon is so hot, but in the evening is very nice.


Today there was a post graduate recital of my friend's roommate, who is a opera student. Kit or Kittinant Chinsamran, he is a Bass-Baritone. I went to see his graduate performance at his school, San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It was a stunning performance. He is very talented. Glad to see your show today!!


Today I went to watch " Macaframa " the final cut. It was the free screening at The Independent. They're AWESOME!!

Macafrma, a group of riders who ride track bikes in San francisco and a couple random places. They captured the moment of riding a track bike and showed the track bike culture by filming it. All shots in the film is beautiful and the soundtrack is great.

Most of people who came to this screening rode a bike even it was raining. It was so cool to see so many bikes parking outside instead of cars.