They used to have Starbuck Coffee shop, which is open 24/7 on Powell St. They don't do that anymore. I guess it was the impact of global economic crisis. So no more Starbuck coffee for the night people. I went there in the middle of the night sometime, if I felt like going out to walk or taking a break from doing homeworks. Tonight I craved a cup of coffee, so I had to brew it myself.
......emmm..... : )


I couldn't concentrate on my homeworks.
I went out to walk.
Walked, walked and walked.
( shot @ Powell St & John St. )


San Francisco Critical Mass ...
Critical Mass is a world-wide movement of community bike ride on the last friday of every month to promote awareness of alternative forms of transportation.
Today I joined the mass with my fixie. Luckily, not too many up-hill and down-hill paths. Another good thing is the weather was so nice. I didn't bring my camera with me this time, so I put out my fixie's portrait instead.


" Any sandwich with a couple of strips of bacon makes for good taste and exciting flavor. "
I totally agree with you, Mr. Joe. Joe's Ice Cream, the award-winning home-made flavor ice cream @ 18th Avenue on Geary Street. San Francisco 2009.


Mart, the magician.
One of my favarite photos from "Spring Song"
( Spring sing a song - Spring Break party)


How time flies!! especially when you're happy.


Wow!! This is 100th post... ummm... so fast.

Yosemite trip with school. Spring Break 2009.


Make more friends, make less strangers. Patrick, he is sitting outside and enjoying the nice day with his chair, his pocket book, his notebook and his pencil. Nice to talk to you. Have a beautiful day everyday.


Hello Magnolia, nice to meet you.
@Golden Gate Park.


Okay.. I know who I am. This is ME!!
Jumping @ Yellow Stone, August 2008.


Something is more wonderful than its look. Thank you for today.


Wow!!! Digital Design Tournament... how cool it is. The competitors have only 15 minutes to create a good work infront of the audiences. It's a really cool competition. Cut & Paste San Francisco 2009.