Once again ... time to go to groceries shopping. New May Wah supermarket @ Clement St.


" Post No Bills " After I took this snapshot and saw it, I've just realized that I didn't know the meanig of this particular term. So I google for the meaning of it. Now I know what it means. Moreover, I found that " Post No Bills " is title of the award-winning documentary film about Los Angeles-based “guerilla” political poster artist Robbie Conal. ( For more detail about the documentary, go to this link : http://www.post-no-bills.com/ )... hmm.. interesting..


This semester, I'm taking an acting class. We use an auditorium as the classroom. Before the school took over this building, it used to be a church. In the auditorium, there are some small movable tables hang to the back of the pews. It's a little ironic to see these doodles on almost every single tables in this old church.


Ready..... Gooooooo!! Red Bull Soapbox Race, San Francisco 2008. @ Dolores Park


My friends and I, we rode the bikes to Muir Woods on the past Sunday. We used a lot of energies to get there. One of my friends, this guy was crazy. He spun his fixed gear all the way up hill and down hill... hmmm ... cool dude!!


I rode my bike to play a kite at the sea-side. @ Ocean beach, San Francisco.


Sip, sip, sip...one sip, two sips, three sips...
How many sips to finish a cup of coffee?
@ Blue Bottle Coffee.


Sits on the ground, lays down on the grass, and looks up to the blue sky..... hmm.. kinda nice day. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.