Monterey Bay Aquarium was a highlight of Monterey trip. There were so many intersting exhibitions in the aquarium. My favorite one was " Jellies : Living Art " exhibit. I can spend a day watching at them. They are so amazing and so fantastic; Their shape and form, and the way they move. They're such a alien life forms. Monterey, March 2008.


Three day ago, I went to a bicycle shop. I was going to buy a new road bike. Unfortunately I got an accident,when I was testing ride it. So I didn't buy any new bike, but I got a new wound.


This spring break, I went to Monterey at the south of San Francisco. It's a wonderful seaside city. There are many beautiful seaweeds on the beach. Monterey, California. March 2008.


I went to snowboarding last sunday at Heavenly mountain. It snowed and it was so cold at the top of the mountain, it was fun ,though. It was my first time on a halfpipe.


Yesterday I had a chance to walk along Market street. I took this snapshot, when I was walking across the street. It was a nice beatiful sunset.


Last week I went to join Drawing for Animator workshop. While I was drawing, I felt like somebody was looking at me from behind. When I turned to see, I saw this guy sat behind me and smiled at me. Oh dude, what are you doing here?


10.30 pm. on Market Street. San Francisco.


Five of the new 2008 Hearts can be seen around San Francisco until September 2008. This is one of them. I've just seen it today. It's displayed at Huntington Park in Nob Hill. The artist who created this heart is Lewis Sykes.


They can draw graffiti everywhere. San Francisco.


Today I found this previous version in my computer. I took this photo in August 2007.


Graffiti is everywhere. I saw this face a lot in many places. San Francisco.


I wanna go to Koh Chang.......... Koh Chang, Thailand. January 2008.