@ City Lights Bookstore, Columbus Ave. San Francisco.


When is he gonna get his wife back, hmmm? Another way asking people to spare some changes. San Francisco.


We can see the extreme outdoor activities all around the city. Skaters in California Outdoor Rollersports Association, they skated down from the escalator at Powell Muni Station. Hmm..


Snapshots from Yellowstone trip : 01
Nobrow, A chic coffee shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. August 2008.


Yo, this cup of coffee is crucial !.... so awesome... Normally I don't like black coffee, I like sweet. I always put some sugar in a cup of coffee. Today I get this cup of coffee, I take a sip as usual to taste the real taste before I put some sugar in... oh man... after first sip, I don't need any sugar at all. This is really good...really... so smooth, beautiful, and creamy..... emmm......m..mm.... until the last sip, it's still creamy.... super!! @ Blue Bottle Cafe, San francisco.


Even flies.....


Another cool latte art from Ritual Coffee Roasters. @ Valencia street, San francisco.


My friends and I, we rode the bikes to Tiburon. This is a view on the way to Tiburon...... I really love a wide green field ...


I joined " Critical mass " event accidentally. There are more than a thousand bikes joined together. We started at Justin Herman Plaza, then traveled as a big group through San Francisco. We didn't have any specific goal or direction....just ride..... so much fun... August 2008, San Francisco, Critical Mass.